Greece Powerball Results

Greece Powerball Results 14-Oct-2021

The Greece Powerball, officially known as Joker is an online lottery game, launched in 1997. In this game, players get a chance of winning a big jackpot in eight different divisions. Up till now, it has distributed more than €1 billion of prize money to jackpot winners.

This game has also gained the popularity in South Africa and around the world. It can be played online that is much better and secure. In 2019, Powerball was played online in Greece for the first time.

Greece Powerball Winning Number October 2021


How to Play Greece Powerball?

  • Firstly, get your ticket from authorized retailers in Greece and online.
  • Select 5 numbers from 1 to 45 and a single Joker number from 1 to 20.
  • Select as many sets of numbers as you like.
  • Mark a single draw if you want to play once or mark multiple draws if you want to play more than once.
  • Purchase your entries and wait for the draw.

Greece Powerball Drawings

Greece Powerball draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 34. If you want to check your Winning Numbers, then keep in touch with Greece Powerball.

How to win prize?

You are the winner of jackpot if all your 5 selected number plus 1 joker number match the number drawn. You can get prizes when your numbers (1+ joker, 2+joker, 3, 3+joker,4, 4+joker, 5 and 5+ joker) match the numbers drawn in 8 different ways.

How to claim online lottery prize?

  • If you are winner then you have 365 days to claim your money after draw. If you missed this opportunity, you would lose your money.
  • Online playing makes it easy to claim your prize because of secure digital records of your numbers.
  • If you are winner, you will be notified, and your money paid straight to your account.
  • If you win R50,000, your prize will be paid to your online account.
  • If you win prizes of R50,000 or more you will be informed first, then you need to fill a prize claim form and visit the Lottery’s regional offices in person.

How to claim prize on your App?

If you play games by using gaming app claiming prize is also very easy and like the online claim. In this method your numbers are also stored safely. If you are winner, your winning amount of R 50,000 is sent straight to your account. While for larger prizes you must complete an official claim form and visit one of the regional offices.

Be aware of Lottery Scams

Unluckily, lottery scams are very common around the world. They cheat winners in different ways such as SMS, Email, Social media scams, postal scam, and mobile/telephone scam. Here are few tips to follow if you want to keep yourself safe.

  • Never believe on suspicious calls, emails, or phone calls.
  • If you never get a lottery ticket, how can you win without it. A legitimate lottery will never ask you to pay fee or tax to receive prize. So do not believe on swindles.
  • Do not respond these cheaters and do not pass on your personal details to anyone.

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